Straightforward but inflexible website designer

If you want to create a website but don't have any web designing experience, then Sandvox may be your answer. View full description


  • Drag and drop interface
  • Good for beginners
  • Live text editing
  • More than 40 designs and templates
  • Allows you to edit HTML


  • Elements can get pushed all over the page
  • FTP connections are hard to establish
  • Can feel inflexible when designing

Very good

If you want to create a website but don't have any web designing experience, then Sandvox may be your answer.

Sandvox uses a WYSIWYG style interface that allows you to drag and drop elements into the site and there are more than 40 original and diverse designs to choose from.

Although Sandvox will feel a little childish for a professional web designer, there is a surprising number of advanced features under the hood which make it suitable for all levels. For instance, you can edit raw HTML to fine-tune the site to your liking and the Professional edition also lets you add e-commerce elements, Flash and Google Webmaster tools.

The designs are a bit limiting but, as mentioned above, you can change them to a large extent by recoding the HTML. Alternatively, you can purchase some third-party designs. However, the biggest drawback of Sandvox is when it comes to publishing to the web. It should be easy to connect to an FTP server but unfortunately Sandvox doesn't make it so despite the detailed guide on how to do so.

In addition, although the drag and drop interface is very easy to use, it can be very inflexible, pushing elements all over the place and becoming quite frustrating at times.

Sandvox is an interesting website designer although its a bit inflexible and doesn't handle FTP connections very well.


  • Fixes issue launching Sandvox on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Sandvox makes website creation elegant, intuitive and fun. It's the Macintosh way — the way it should be: drag and drop content, watch your site take shape as you create it, and publish. Sandvox makes it easy to keep in touch via the Web with friends, family and customers.

Express Yourself. Sandvox will help you be more creative on the Web. Small business owners, show your customers your latest products and services. Authors, publish your stories. Photographers, share your libraries with the world. Families, keep your friends up to date with more than just a holiday letter.



Sandvox 2.8.5

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